Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find answers to a list of questions we frequently receive. If you can't find you answer here, please get in contact

Q: Must I be in VCE to compete? 

A: No, a competitor must only be undertaking VCE Music Studies to compete in the Unit 1+2 sections or a Unit 3+4 heat. There are other sections for Non-VCE students and younger high school students to compete in. 

Q: How many sections can I enter? 

A: You can enter as many sections as you are eligible for! 

Q: I don't live in Victoria, can I compete?

A: Yes! However, as VCE is not an interstate course of study, interstate competitors will not be able to compete in the VCE specific sections. 

Q: Is an accompanist provided?

A: Yes! We have an official accompanist who will play for each competitor at no extra cost to you on the day. However, any prior rehearsal you wish to have must be organised on a private basis. 

Q: Who is eligible to win one of the scholarships? 

A: Anyone who is entered and performs! 

Q: Does each section have a prize? 

A: Each section (except the Unit 3+4 Heat) has generous cash prizes for competitors who place first or second. These competitors will also receive a certificate, as will competitors who receive an Honourable Mention. 

Q: What happens if the competition can't physically go ahead

A: If Plan A is interrupted, competitors can rest assured knowing that we have Plan B, C, and D ready to go! Each of the options will ensure each competitor's voice is heard, and that all competitors will be able to enjoy each other's performances. Prizes and all other rules will remain the same.

Q: Is the concluding masterclass free?

A: Yes! All competitors can attend for free, however there is a small entry fee for teachers or parents.