Pre-Registration Portal

💡 You'll need to be on a computer for this bit! 

Congratulations on your entry! We are so excited for your upcoming performance! 🎉

Now that you have completed your entry though Stardom ✅ please ensure you register for the competition using the form below by August 28, 2021

It's a bit like checking in before you get to the airport! ✈️

Use the form below to register the title/s of your piece/s, and also upload your sheet music for the accompanist and adjudicator. Even if you are bringing along your own accompanist on the day, you must still fill out this form! 

When uploading your music, there are a few things you need to make sure of before you hit submit! Please read carefully!

1. It is a PDF 

2. It is clear and easy to read 

  • Eg: no missing lines, the left hand of the accompaniment hasn't been chopped off, it's not all wonky from a phone scan, is not a picture, etc

3. There is a bar number at the start of every line 

  • If your music doesn't already have this, you will need to add it by hand before scanning or use PDF viewer software to add it)

4. Your name and division must be clearly written at the top of the first page of each piece ✅

  • If you are a Unit 3+4 competitor please also specify if it's for the heat or the final. 

5. Make the file title "Full name.Division.Section" 

  • Eg: John Smith.Unit34.Heat

  • Unit 1+2 competitors need not include the section in the file name

6. Upload your music, and rest at ease on the day knowing you just need to have your name ticked off! 👍

Click this button if you'd like to see a sample of how it should look 

We recommend only filling out this form once you are certain of the pieces you will perform.

If you need any assistance at any stage of the registration process, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at or via the  Contact Us tab.